This table contains all map elements that can be used in the Features4 API:

alcoholAlcoholA shop selling alcoholic drinks
arts_centreArts centreAn arts centre. A venue where a variety of arts are performed or conducted
atmAtmA device that provides the clients of a financial institution with access to financial transactions.
bakeryBakeryA shop selling bread
bankBankA financial establishment where customers can, among other services, deposit money and take loans.
barBarAn establishment that sells alcoholic drinks to be consumed on the premises, characterised by a noisy and vibrant atmosphere. They usually do not sell food to be eaten as a meal. The music is usually loud and you often have to stand.
beautyBeautyA non-hairdresser beauty shop, spa, nail salon, etc.
butcherButcherA shop selling meat or meat products.
carCarA place that primarily sells cars (automobiles)
car_partsCar partsA place selling auto parts, auto accessories, motor oil, car chemicals, etc.
car_repairCar repairA business where cars are repaired.
casinoCasinoA gambling venue with at least one table game.
charging_stationCharging stationA station that supplies energy to electrical vehicles.
cinemaCinemaA movie theater, a place showing movies.
clinicClinicA clinic is a medical centre, with more staff than a doctor's office, that does not admit inpatients.
clothesClothesA shop which primarily sells clothing
collegeCollegeA place for further education, a post-secondary education institution which is not a University
convenienceConvenienceA convenience shop is a small local shop carrying a variety of everyday products, such as packaged food and hygiene products
dentistDentistA dentist practice / surgery.
doctorsDoctorsA place to get medical attention or a check up from a physician.
doityourselfDoityourselfA ''Do-it-Yourself''-store, a large hardware and home improvement shop
electronicsElectronicsA shop selling consumer electronics such as TVs, radios and fridges.
fast_foodFast foodA place concentrating on very fast counter-only service and take-away food.
fire_stationFire stationA station from which a fire brigade operates.
floristFloristA shop selling bouquets of flowers
fuelFuelA retail facility for refueling motor vehicles
furnitureFurnitureA shop selling furniture.
hairdresserHairdresserA hairdressers or barbers shop, where hair is cut
hardwareHardwareA shop which sells timber, tools and other building products
hospitalHospitalA hospital providing in-patient medical treatment
ice_creamIce creamA place that sells ice cream and/or frozen yoghurt over the counter.
kindergartenKindergartenA place for looking after preschool children and (typically) giving early education.
kioskKioskA small shop on the pavement that sells magazines, tobacco, newspapers, sweets and stamps.
marketplaceMarketplaceA marketplace where goods and services are traded daily or weekly.
mobile_phoneMobile phoneA shop that primarily sells mobile phones and accessories.
parkingParkingA place for parking cars
pharmacyPharmacyA shop where a pharmacist sells medications
place_of_worshipPlace of worshipA place where religious services are conducted
policePoliceA police station is a building which police officers patrol from and that is a first point of contact for civilians.
post_boxPost boxA box to deposit outgoing postal items.
prisonPrisonA prison or jail where people are incarcerated before trial or after conviction
pubPubA pub: An establishment that sells alcoholic drinks that can be consumed on the premises, characterised by a traditional appearance and a relaxed atmosphere. Also sells food which also can be eaten on the premises. Customers can usually sit down at a table, there is usually no loud music to disturb conversation.
recyclingRecyclingA container or centre that accepts waste for recycling.
restaurantRestaurantA restaurant sells full sit-down meals with servers, and may sell alcohol.
schoolSchoolA primary or secondary school (pupils typically aged 6 to 18)
shoesShoesA shop selling shoes
supermarketSupermarketA large shop selling groceries, fresh produce, and other goods.
taxiTaxiA place where taxis wait for passengers. Often near where many people congregate.
theatreTheatreA place where live theatrical performances are held.
toiletsToiletsA publicly accessible toilet
universityUniversityAn educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning.