Feature limits

A free Features4 account allows you to use the Features4 API and obtain a certain number of features for free every 24 hours. If this limit is exceeded, you will have to wait until the next day until you can make the next request. In this case the API will return a 429 - Too many requests response.

There are three headers in each response that will contain more information about your feature limit:

X-Feature-Limit-LimitYour personal feature limit, i.e. the number of features you can request each day
X-Feature-Limit-FeaturesThe number of features you requested
X-Feature-Limit-RemainingThe number of features you have currently available

You can also view your personal feature limit, the number of features obtained, and how many features you still have available in your dashboard.

Each feature you request counts towards your personal feature limit. So, for example, if you make one successful request to the number resource one feature is counted towards your feature limit. If you make a request to the features resource, to obtain multiple features in one request the number of features depends on your exact request. If you request 5 features, these 5 features are counted towards your feature limit.

Need to increase your feature limit? Let us know.