Features4 provides you with an API to easily access thousands of spatial features about your locations of interest.

In general this works by providing three pieces of information:

  • Location of interest: This is the spatial location you want to know more about. In the API you can specify your location by providing it's latitude and longitude in degrees. The center of Munich for example has Latitude: 48.137 and Longitude: 11.576.
  • Feature: That's the feature you are interested in. This for example can be the distance from you location of interest to the nearest subway station. In the API each available feature can be accessed with its own endpoint. The distance feature for example can be accessed under /distance (view in API Reference).
  • Element: An element specifies other locations you can use in your features. An element can be for example a subway station, a highway, etc.. In the API you specify the element by providing it as a parameter in your request. Features4 offers a large list of available map elements.