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NewsFeatures4 is now open for testing

The API for geospatial features

Features4 is the quickest and easiest way to access hundreds of geospatial features of your locations for your data science models or location intelligence. No servers, pure features.

Features for your locations of interest

The Features4 API gives you a large set of ready-to-use geospatial features about your locations of interest. Whether you're building data science models or do location intelligence analysis, our geospatial features will help you unlock the power of your location data and build great products. Instant access to features like the number of restaurants nearby, or the distance to the nearest subway station and many more, will help you predict the best location for a new store/product, and find out causes of performance differences between your locations.

Easy access

You can access all features conveniently with our API. This means, you can keep working with the tools and any programming language you are already comfortable working with. There is no need to invest additional time into education about spatial data sources, databases, query languages, etc. All you need to do is make simple API requests to get your features immediately.

Learn more in our documentation

curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"location": {"lat": 48.137, "lng": 11.576}, "element": "bar", "radius": 500}'

Save time and money

We eliminate needless complexities like identifying and evaluating data sources, keeping data up to date, setting up and maintaining servers, and providing easy access that scales automatically to suit your needs. As a result you can devote your precious time and money build better products. Get started in seconds instead of waiting for your IT department to set everything up in weeks or months.

Get started for free

To get you started as quickly as possible, after signing up as a registered user you'll instantly receive 2000 features for free every single day. This is enough to extensively try out the Features4 API, start integrating it into your product and already answer smaller analysis questions. If you need more than this, just contact us and we can talk about the details.

Get your features now.

Let's Get Started!